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Images are available in both canvas and paper giclee prints.

"Hey, Wait For Me" print"A Free Spirit" print
"Hey, Wait For Me"""A Free Spirit""Listening To the Silence

."Twilight of The Buffalo", print."Trapper John", computer print"Awaiting His Return", print
"Twilight Of The Buffalo" "Trapper John""Awaitng His Return"....

"Earning His $20" print"Slim", print"Winter Glory", print
."Earning His $20"."Slim"...."Winter Glory"...

"Buddy", print"Little Flower", print"Reveille" print
"Buddy""Little Flower" "Reveille"

"Pheasant Flush", print"Joy's Apple", print"Bird Season" print
"Pheasant Flush""Joy's Apple""Bird Season"

"Silent Vigil" print"English Antique" print"New Shoes For Snip"
"Silent Vigil""English Antique""New Shoes For Snip"

"Wet and Waitin' ", print"Iris Bouquet", print"When Gas Runs Short", print
"Wet And Waitin' ""Iris Bouquet""When Gas Runs Short"

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